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Terms & Condition

Sliderz Moves Ltd Terms and Conditions

These general terms and conditions of business shall be applicable to all deliveries of goods and provision of services of Sliderz Movez Ltd in the following, to the customer, representatives or other parties to the contract, referred to as CUSTOMER in the following. They shall also apply to all future transactions between the contracting parties without a repeated reference to the general terms and conditions being required. They shall be applicable in their entirety, excepting those points, which have been otherwise agreed and confirmed in writing by Sliderz Movez Ltd in a particular case on the basis of the confirmation of an order. Unless expressly accepted in individual points, the general terms and conditions of the customer shall hereby be expressly opposed and shall not be accepted.

2. Warranted Characteristics:
In the case of delivered goods Sliderz Movez Ltd shall warrant only precisely those characteristics, which were expressly guaranteed in the order confirmation. Sliderz Movez Ltd shall not warrant any characteristics, qualities or features that go above and beyond this or the suitability of the product for a particular purpose, even if this could be assumed on the basis of the design.

3. Offers, Confirmation of Orders, Delivery Dates:

Offers shall be subject to confirmation and have no binding force. The basis of the transaction shall be the confirmation of the order and the business is corresponding transacted if the wording of the confirmation of the order is not opposed within 24 hours. Guaranteed delivery dates shall be target dates ex works and independent of the due delivery of required documents and start materials, as well as the receipt parties. In the case of negligent overstepping of an agreed delivery periods, performance shall be deemed delayed after granting an additional period of time of reasonable length. Moreover, claims for damaged resulting from a delay in delivery shall be excluded as far as permitted by statute or restricted to the invoice value of the undelivered or belatedly delivered goods.

4. Deliveries:
Unless otherwise agree, the delivered shall always be affected “ex works”. The costs for packaging and transport shall be borne by the customer. The risk shall pass to the customer on despatch. Transport insurance shall only be affected at the express request and expense of the customer. Partial consignments shall be permitted.

5. Reservation of Ownership:

Until payment in full of all unpaid principal and subsidiary accounts receivable, Sliderz Movez Ltd shall retain full title to all delivered goods. The customer shall be entitled to dispose of the goods in a proper course of business. The customer shall assign as security to Sliderz Movez Ltd and claims resulting from a possible resale if the value of the securities exceeds our accounts receivable by more than 25, we shall, at the request of the customer, release securities of our choice to the extent. In the case of a delay in payment, the customer shall permit the seller unhindered access to the rooms in which these goods are stored and the seller shall be entitled to collect such goods from the customer having a right to damages or to object. Exercising reservation of ownership does not constitute a withdrawal from the agreement.

6. Notification of Defects:

Deliveries must be inspected as to conformity immediately after receipt. Sliderz Movez Ltd must be given written notification on non-receipt of a consignment at the latest within eight days after the receipt of the invoice. The seller must be informed in writing of visible defects and variations in quantity at the latest within eight days after the receipt of the goods stating the exact details of the defect and quoting the number of the delivery note or invoice. Late notifications of defects cannot be accepted. Likewise, hidden defects must be notified immediately after being ascertained, in the case of which a term of preclusion of six months after receipt of the goods shall be applicable. Notifications of defects can only apply to warrant characteristics or variations in quantity, no other notification of defects can be accepted. In the case of accepted defects, Sliderz Movez Ltd offers either a replacement with goods of equal value or to take back the goods and give credit to this amount. Any claim for damages which exceeds the taking back of an entire consignment and giving credit to the full amount shall on principle be excluded in every case or, in the case of other legally binding rulings, be limited by the minimum rate of damages prescribed by the law. Therefore, among other things, and as far as is permitted by law, any kind of claims for damages resulting from not realised turnover or profit, additional expenditure incurred by the customer and the suchlike shall also be excluded. The customer is bound to return wrong or defect goods to Sliderz moves Ltd immediately, at the latest, however, eight days after notification of defect or within the periods prescribed by law. If the customer fails to honour his obligation within the set periods, the warranty obligation shall automatically cease. Notifications of defects do not release the customer from meeting his financial obligations to Sliderz Moves Ltd.

7. Payment:
Outstanding invoices shall be due within thirty days from the date of the invoice. In the case of delay in payment, Sliderz Movez Ltd is entitled, with the proviso of the assertion of further damage, to invoice interest on payment in arrears of 15% p.a., expenses per reminder and all recovery costs. Payments shall always be appropriated to the oldest account receivable, and the firstly to expenses and interest, and after that to the primary account receivable.

8. Consequences of Delays in Payments:
In the case of a delay in payment, Sliderz Movez Ltd shall be entitled to withhold all promised deliveries up until the full payment of all outstanding primary and subsidiary accounts receivable. In the case of or following a delay in payment, deliveries shall only be affected against advance payment. Other special conditions agreed with the customer shall also become irrelevant in the case of a delay in payment. In the case of a delay in payment, Sliderz Movez Ltd may also assert its reservation of ownership at any time, and recollect goods produced by Sliderz Movez Ltd and realise them itself to such extent that all outstanding primary and subsidiary accounts receivable are met by this realisation.

9. Exchange Rates and Delay in Payment:
If the settlement with the customer is effected in a currency other than G.B.P. (Great British Pound), Sliderz Movez Ltd shall be at liberty in the case of a delay in payment to calculate the account receivable at the value in G.B.P. at the exchange rate of the due date. The settlement of the accounts receivable shall be affected on the basis of the G.B.P value, and payments on these accounts receivable shall be converted at the respective rate of the day of the payment.

10. Place or Performance, Venue and Law:
Place of performance is British Venue is the court having jurisdiction as regards the subject matter in Britain. British Law is applicable. General Terms and Conditions of Business.

11. Intended use of Sliderz
Sliderz are primarily designed to move heavy furniture and office equipment over smother surfaces, using Sliderz on abrasive surfaces will shorten or reduce the life span of the Sliderz product. Sliderz are designed to spread the load of the object placed on them, they are only intended to be used for general, domestic and office furniture, they are not intended to be used with objects that impose a heavy point down-face load. In these instances speciality advice for heavy or industrial moving should be sort. The upper foam pad is designed to depress as the object is placed upon it this created a non-slip and firm grip creating ease of movement, constant heavy point down-face load will reduce the life of the foam.

Sliderz Movez Ltd General Terms and Conditions of Business