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Frequently Asked Questions
  1.  How much weight will Sliderz move?
    Answer :   It's all about point loading. If the object is very heavy and has small pointed feet the load will push down through the Sliderz on the smallest point. If the point of contact is wider then the load is spread across a larger area and is easier to move. It has been reported from one of our customers that they moved a safe weighing half a tonne (500 kilo) with a set of Large Sliderz.
  2.  What are J-Bars?
    Answer :   J-Bars are available in pairs and will enable the Long Sliderz to be pulled as well as pushed. They simply hook underneath into the eyelet provided at each end of the Long Sliderz.
    Long Sliderz are very versatile and easy to use when moving heavy items, especially in the office environment such as filling cabinets and office storage units.
  3.  Can I leave Sliderz under heavy items?
    Answer :   If more convenient, Small Sliderz can be left under heavy items which are moved frequently for cleaning.

    Please note that after heavy or frequent use the Sliderz foam pad may become indented, these indentations will not affect the efficiency or performance of your Sliderz.
  4.  Can I pull Long Sliderz sideways?
    Answer :   When using Long Sliderz push them in the direction that they are pointing just like a pair of skis. Pushing them against this direction may cause them to become dislodged.
  5.  Can Sliderz be used on stone floors?
    Answer :   Yes they can, but the stone could scratch the surface of the Sliderz.
  6.  Can I use Sliderz over hard surfaces?
    Answer :   Yes but surfaces such as hard wood floors, laminates and tiled floors need to be cleaned thoroughly, making sure that there are no abrasive particles between both surfaces before use. This is essential as it could scratch or mark.